1. Introduction to Diagram Labelling Questions in IELTS Reading


Candidates occasionally express their fear towards Diagram Labelling Questions because of specialised vocabulary in diverse fields. The good news is you don’t need to worry about fully understanding these words but using the given information only.


Your Diagram Labelling Questions will be presented in the form of:


  • A plan or design


Diagram Labelling Questions 1


  • A technical drawing of a machine or invention


Diagram Labelling Questions 2


  • A diagram of a part of natural process


Diagram Labelling Questions 3


Your task is to complete all the blank labels in the diagram or drawing. The answers often appear in the passage(s) describing a process, a structure, etc. so make sure that you can correctly locate it. 


Sometimes, a list box of words will be given:


Diagram Labelling Questions 4


Diagram Labelling Questions examine your:


  • scanning skim for specific information


  • ability to interpret the diagram


  • ability to identify and understand keywords, synonyms and paraphrases


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2. Ielts Reading Diagram Labelling Questions Strategies


2.1. Read the instructions carefully


The word limit in Diagram Labelling Questions should be noticed in the beginning to make sure that your answers will not exceed the number of words allowed. 




Diagram Labelling Questions 5



2.2. Take a quick look at the diagram and try to understand what is shown


Briefly study the diagram but don’t take too much time on this. 

You should pay more attention to the title, figures and especially some given labels to later locate the information more effortlessly. 


2.3. Identify and Underline or Highlight keywords/Labels


Underline or Highlight keywords right as the time you identify those. This helps 

us with tracking down the relevant part in the reading passage.

At the same time, try to define the word type of blanks (noun, verb, adj, adv, etc.) and note them down beside the labels of Diagram Labelling Questions.



Diagram Labelling Questions 7


2.4. Scan the reading passage to locate the information


Once detecting keywords in the Diagram Labelling Questions, you now had better look for those in the reading text using scanning technique. 


Nevertheless, keep in mind that except for unchangeable words (names, places, numbers, etc.), changeable ones are often represented by synonyms or paraphrases rather than the actual words in the diagram.


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2.5. Read the identified paragraph(s) in detail to find answers


Now, your task is to read the relevant paragraph(s) in detail and make sure you completely understand the information. Not only the sentences containing keywords but also ones before and after those should be carefully noticed so that you will not miss anything or fall into the examiners’ trap.


2.6. Double-check the answers


Diagram Labelling Questions often includes specialized terms that make it difficult for candidates to deal with. As a result, to ascertain that your answers are written with correct spelling, double-check those after the final label and you’ll surely get a point.


3. Common Problems and Mistakes & Tips for Diagram Labelling Questions Strategies in IELTS Reading


Diagram Labelling Questions tips


Common Mistakes Tips
1. Read carefully the whole text before looking at the diagram labelling questions 

Don’t take time to read the whole passage right away because it can not help you answer all the questions at a time

Read the instructions and the diagram first. Be careful with NO MORE THAN ____ WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER.

(Remember that numbers are written numerically, such as 55; and hyphenated words, such as forty-year-old, count as one word.)

2. Be in a state of panic when seeing new words or unfamiliar specialised terms

A diagram often includes a couple of specialised terms since it describes a technical process or steps to construct or building

Don’t be afraid of those words because the diagram just illustrates the information from the reading passage and you are being tested reading skills, nothing else. Just follow the strategy and you can make it.


Other tips for Diagram Labelling Questions in IELTS Reading:


  • Make use of given clues in the diagram to help with your understanding such as numbers, text, completed labels, title or heading, or list box


  • Don’t be tucked in one question, move to another or you will waste your time


  • Utilise grammatical structure, collocations or meaning to guess the answers and check your answers at the end


  • If there is a requirement such as “using words from the text” or “from the text”, you need to use exact words or phrases from the reading text with the same part of speech or tense. If not, you may feel free to change the word form or tense of that answer with the same meaning.


  • The answers do not always come in the same order that the paragraphs are in.


Diagram Labelling Questions is actually not a difficult-to-handle task and you can totally take control of this question type and get a high band score in IELTS Reading by applying the strategies and tips in this article.

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