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1. An overview of IELTS Reading Practice test on IELTS TEST PRO website

  • When doing the IELTS reading practice test on IELTS TEST PRO website, you are allowed to choose which test to do first.
  • In your IELTS reading practice test, you will be given a passage and a list of questions that requires you to give the answer to each.
  • Then, press the submit button to hand in your final answers.
  • In the passage, you can take note in order to highlight key points by selecting parts you want then using colorful annotations given. 
  • The timer can help you track your time to complete an IELTS reading practice test.
  • Once completing an IELTS reading practice test, you can review what you have done including your answers and correct answers with detailed explanations.

2. IELTS Reading: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

2.1. Which types of questions are included in an IELTS Reading test?

These are question types that may appear in the IELTS Reading test:

  • Short Answer Questions 
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Summary, Note Completion Questions 
  • Table Completion Questions 
  • Sentence Completion Questions 
  • Flow Chart Completion Questions 
  • Labelling a Diagram Questions 
  • Matching Heading Questions 
  • Matching Information Questions 
  • True, False, Not Given Questions 

2.2. Can I use a dictionary while doing an IELTS Reading test?

Unfortunately, using a dictionary in the IELTS Reading test is really demotivating and time-consuming. Instead of looking up every new word you see, you can guess the meaning based on the context, then check those in a dictionary after finishing the IELTS Reading test to learn new words as well as have a better understanding of the reading passage.

Practice now: IELTS online test

2.3. How to maximise IELTS Reading band score? 

  • Develop a habit of reading in your spare time! Read as much as possible with anything that you feel interested in, ranging from blogs, journals, newspapers, magazines to textbooks.
  • Do IELTS Reading Practice test as much as possible
  • Read the instructions carefully (e.g. “Write two words and/ or a number”)
  • Skimming is one of the key techniques to get a high score in the IELTS Reading test. It means reading a text quickly to know what the general idea behind the passage is. You can skip unimportant words like prepositions or ignore the difficult words that you don’t have to understand.
  • You must learn to scan. Scanning means searching a text for a particular word or term (date, name, etc.)
  • Don’t panic even when facing difficult questions and don’t spend too much time on those but move into others first and come back later. 
  • For words you don’t understand, try to guess their meaning based on the context.
  • Time management should be taken into account when doing the real IELTS Reading test as well as IELTS Reading Practice test . You should take about 20 minutes for each passage including 16-17 minutes for reading and answering the questions and 3-4 minutes for transferring and checking your answers. 

2.4. How much time should I spend skimming each paragraph?

In order to get the general idea of the whole paragraph, skimming is a necessary skill. When skimming, try to focus more on the title, topic sentence, concluding sentence and keywords within the text, so you should spend around 2 to 3 minutes only to grasp the gist of each paragraph of the IELTS Reading test.

2.5. Can I write down the answers on the question paper?

Definitely. You can note down any answers on the question paper, even highlight or underline words in the IELTS Reading passage. However, make sure to transfer your answer onto the answer sheet before handing in the test. 

2.6. How much time is given for an IELTS Reading test?

You will be given 60 minutes in total for an IELTS Reading test including three different passages. Therefore, you need to manage your time properly so as to complete the test in time. Around 20 minutes should be spent for each paragraph and try to give the answers onto the answer sheet immediately since there will be no extra time to do so. 

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