Free IELTS Online Exam 2023

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1. Who should take the IELTS online exam?

IELTS online exam can be taken by anyone, regardless of age, gender, nationality, religion. All you need is just a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer with Internet connection, then the test experience is yours.

IELTS Certificate is globally recognised as an international standardized test of English language for non-native speakers. Therefore, many learners aim to get this certificate so as to study or settle down abroad, get a well-paid job, teach English, travel, etc. Nevertheless, the IELTS exam issued by Cambridge Council requires learners to acquire English skills at a certain level with basic background knowledge, which leads to the demand in practicing and testing online. 

Besides, IELTS online exam also creates an opportunity for those who simply want to exam their English level without taking any exams. Also, some make use of the IELTS online exam to maintain their English learning habits along with daily practicing English skills.

2. What are the advantages of IELTS online exam?

There are a variety of benefits you can gain from the IELTS online exam.

2.1. English skills development

IELTS exam requires not only rich vocabulary and correct grammar, but also fluency in different skills. On that account, IELTS online exam can help you improve listening, reading, writing, and speaking with various tests. After doing each test, your detailed score somewhat illustrates your current level that may force you to study harder to get a higher score, or make you feel more confident with the upcoming test. 

On the other hand, even when you don’t have any plans to take an IELTS exam, it’s still a recommended choice among other ways to practice English. Despite being a test, each still contains abundant knowledge to obtain such as vocabulary, collocations, idioms, or even some worth-learning ideas.

2.2. Diverse IELTS online exam library

Designed with four skills, different types and levels of test for each skill, IELTS online exam helps learners know how to master English skills with enhanced knowledge in copious fields of life. Also, the database is always developed and updated with the latest topic trend.

2.3. Practicing under exam pressure

Practicing with varied tests is not enough, you have to put yourself under time pressure for each test so that you can learn how to manage time properly. Especially, in terms of Reading and Writing skills, it’s necessary to arrange tasks within an appropriate period of time. IELTS online exam can give you a chance to do so, and you will feel more confident to sit an exam.

2.4. Convenience

Instead of enrolling in the mock tests taken place by IELTS centers, you just need to stay at home, prepare a smartphone, computer or tablet connected with the Internet. Then, you take as many tests as you want with IELTS online exam anywhere and anytime. It’s both convenient and effective at the same time.

2.5. Price

Don’t worry about the cost since most of your experience is free. Normally, you just need to create an account, then you can freely do the tests as well as practice as much as you can.

3. Why should you choose IELTS TEST PRO?

Among many other choices of websites and apps, why should you opt for IELTS TEST PRO to practice and test yourself?

3.1. Reasonable price

You can download the app for FREE on your smartphone or tablet. Besides, the app will provide you certain free content with numerous features. To get the best experience, you can upgrade your account with different packages at a reasonable price. 

3.2. Eye-catching interface

Meticulously and carefully designed, IELTS TEST PRO guarantees to give you an eye-catching interface for a better learning experience. The app has clear instructions for users to make sure that you can take full advantage of the features.

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