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1. Instruction for IELTS Listening Practice Test – IELTS TEST PRO

IELTS Listening Practice Test on IELTS TEST PRO provides you with various IELTS Listening strategies and practice tests online. IELTS Listening Practice tests will be splitted into four separate parts corresponding to each section of the Listening test. Therefore, the total number of questions for each IELTS Listening Practice test is 10.

In each IELTS Listening Practice test, you will listen to an audio then your task is to give the answers to each question of the test. With regards to the timer, your IELTS Listening Practice test will be counted clockwise, which helps you monitor your progress and improve your time management.Finally, when completing a test, all you have to do is to press the button “Submit” at the end of the test.

2. Frequently asked questions in IELTS Listening Practice Test (FAQs)

2.1. How many questions are there in an IELTS Listening test? And how many questions are there in an IELTS Listening Practice test?

In the duration of roughly 30 minutes, the IELTS Listening test includes 4 parts with 10 questions for each. Therefore, there will be 40 questions in total. 

In an IELTS Listening Practice test, there will be only 10 questions for each according to each part of the Listening test. To be specific, when you visit the IELTS Listening Practice section, you will be allowed to choose the Listening part you want to practice, then each test in each part will contain 10 questions with the corresponding audio.

2.2. How many times of listening are allowed in an IELTS Listening test?

Each audio for every part will be played ONCE only, so listen carefully or you may miss out the chance to give correct answers for the questions. Forty questions will be represented and each question will carry one point. Therefore, doing IELTS Listening practice test frequently is necessary for getting used to the actual test. 

2.3 Will I lose points if I get a wrong answer?

No, you won’t. Your points will be deducted for incorrect answers but you will be awarded no point for unanswered questions. As a result, try to give the answers for every question, especially multiple choice questions, and you may get a point for your predictions. 

2.4. How to improve my Listening skill?

In order to score a high band in the IELTS Listening Test, you need to have a plan for improving your listening skill on a daily basis. These techniques are suggested by IELTS expert, teachers, and experienced test-takers to do IELTS Listening Practice Test in the most effective way:

  • Create a daily habit of listening to English, including passive and active listening:
    – Passive listening: listening anytime, anywhere without trying to understand the specific content through films, music, podcasts, radio, news, etc.
    – Active listening: comprehensive listening by figuring out the main content and details of the audio.
  • Refer to authentic listening sources such as BBC, CNN, youtube channels (Ted talk, Ted ED,...), podcasts, etc.
  • Practice with dictation method in which you will you listen to a record and complete missing words or write down exactly what you have heard
  • Analyse in detail the audio scripts and answers after each test
  • While checking the answers, listening again to the audio, then highlighting new words, missed information, etc.

2.5. Should I use a pencil or a pen during the IELTS Listening test?

In terms of paper-based IELTS exam, pencil is highly recommended as your answer sheet will work and be scanned best with pencil instead of pen. Besides, writing down the answers by pencil allows you to erase and rewrite words with ease. Most of the test centers will give you one pencil with an eraser for the test so it’s fine if you forget to bring one.

2.6. How is IELTS Listening score calculated?

The band score of IELTS Listening Test corresponding to the number of correct answers is illustrated in the table below:

Band Score Correct Answers
9 39-40
8.5 37-38
8 35-36
  7.5 32-34
7 30-31
6.5 26-29
6 23-25
5.5 18-22
5 16-17
4.5 13-15
4 11-12

(This table of band score is applied for both the Listening Test of IELTS General Training and IELTS Academic)

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