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Instruction for IELTS Vocabulary Practice – IELTS TEST PRO


With English learners in general and IELTS learners in specific, boosting vocabulary range is an absolute necessity, but if you lose interest in traditional methods, what should you do? Try out IELTS Vocabulary Practice on IELTS TEST PRO.


IELTS TEST PRO facilitates you a chance to approach a brand new method to practice IELTS vocabulary. That is online Flashcard - a fast-paced learning tool and easy to remember for a long time. Diverse sets of online flashcards consist of different aspects of a new word including word type, phonetics, meaning and example that help you effortlessly get a firm grasp of each as well as create a feeling of excitement when doing IELTS Vocabulary Practice


Flashcards per set will be rearranged whenever you practice, which boosts your brain flexibility and better recognition towards new words. 


IELTS TEST PRO will save your learning progress with different categories of words (memorized words, unmemorized words, new words, etc.) so that you can choose your priority to practice and enhance your vocabulary range. Besides, IELTS Vocabulary Practice will be segmented into four different skills namely Listening, Reading, Listening and Writing. In each section, vocabulary of different topics will be listed in order for you to practice with IELTS vocabulary with more ease. 


** NOTE: 

You should make use of the back side of each flashcard while doing IELTS Vocabulary Practice in which an explanation and example for the word will be revealed because it hints at the way to use the word in a certain context. 

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