This task, every now and then, presents as a hindrance for test takers owing to its tricky and complicated series of steps within a process or cycle. This article, therefore, will show you a brief introduction of IELTS Writing Task 1 Process as well as steps and tips to ace the task.


1. An overview of IELTS Writing Task 1 Process 


Having no data or numbers shown, IELTS Task 1 Process is rather similar to IELTS Task 1 Map. However, instead of a map, this question type is in the form of a process with different steps or a cycle with diverse stages. There are a variety of possible types of process such as a natural process (e.g. water-made cycle), a manufacturing process, a system, etc.


If you are given a task of describing a process in your IELTS exam, it will be a series of pictures showing steps or stages of how a machine, a life-cycle of an animal or human, a phenomenon,etc. are made or how they work. 


To be specific, there are normally three types of process:


  • Natural process: how a creature is born or a phenomenon is made (e.g. Life cycle of a frog, Process to form rain, etc.)



ielts writing task 1 natural process


ielts writing task 1 natural process 1


  • Manufacturing process: how a man-made product is made (e.g. Produce coffee, cement, How glass containers and bottles are recycled, etc.)


ielts writing task 1 manufacturing process


  • Object: how an object changed or how it works (e.g. the development of cutting tools in the Stone Age, etc.)


ielts writing task 1 object process 1


Your task, in IELTS Writing Task 1 Process is to report all key features and steps/stages in the process and cycle or to make comparisons in terms of an Object describing task. You will have around 20 minutes with at least 150 words written on this task. 


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2. Structure of IELTS Task 1 Process


It is strongly advised to still have a three-part IELTS Process report:


2.1. Introduction


In one or two sentences, you need to rewrite the process question in your own words (paraphrase) and assure these following key elements to be mentioned:


  • Type of diagram (process-cycle)


  • Main topic (a structure that is used to generate electricity from wave power)


  • Type of process (manufacturing process)


  • Time period (no time period)


e.g. The two diagrams show how electricity can be generated from the rise and fall of water caused by sea waves.


2.2. Overview


In this part, there are no detailed or elaborate descriptions or vocabulary required. In about 1-3 sentences, just give a general description of the process or cycle. You can base on these questions below to have an effective overview:


  • How many stages are there in the process?


  • What is the beginning and the end of the process?


  • What is the raw material? What is the final result produced?


  • Are there many changes? What is the most striking change? (for Object)


e.g. The process involves a structure which is mounted on the side of a cliff or sea wall. This structure consists of a large chamber. One end is open to the sea, and the other leads into a vertical column, which is open to the atmosphere. A turbine is installed inside this column and this is used to generate the electricity in two phases.


2.3. Body


The body part, as usual, should be divided into two different paragraphs. You can separate the process by describing the first half in the first paragraph and the rest in the second paragraph.


With regards to describing an Object and how it changed, it is advisable to split the body part depending on periods of time given. 

e.g. Paragraph 1: Tool A – 1.4 million years ago

Paragraph 2: Tool B – 0.8 million years ago


ielts writing task 1 object process


Remember to describe all the features in detail but each paragraph should be only in three or four sentences in order not to go beyond the word and time limit. 


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3. Steps to write a high-scoring IELTS Writing Task 1 Process essay


3.1. Step 1: Analyse the process question given


With the same format with all other types of IELTS Academic Writing Task 1, IELTS Process question also provides candidates with following information:


  • Description of the process

(e.g. The diagrams show a structure that is used to generate electricity from wave power.)


  • Requirements

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.


  • Process

ielts writing task 1 process sample


3.2. Step 2: Find out main features in the process


Based on details of the process such as titles, labels or captions for each picture, you can identify the key characteristics of the process.

In addition, you can refer to these elements to identify the key features in the process:


  • Linear or Cyclical Process

– Linear Process: the process happens as a flow with two different starting and ending places 


ielts writing task 1 linear process


– Cyclical Process: the process happens as a circle going back to the starting place and the cycle repeats over and over again


ielts writing task 1 cyclical process



  • The starting and ending places


  • Steps/Stages in the process


  • Raw materials and final products


3.3. Step 3: Write your IELTS Writing Task 1 essay


Make sure you know well the structure of an IELTS Writing Task 1 report before starting to write:


  • Paragraph 1: Introduction


  • Paragraph 2: Overview


  • Paragraph 3: 1st main features/steps


  • Paragraph 4: 2nd main features/steps


4. Tips for IELTS Writing Task 1 Process


  • Both active and passive forms should be used flexibly when reporting a process or cycle


  • In terms of describing an object, comparisons to show the chances and differences overtime should be utilised.


  • Don’t go beyond the word limit (at least 150 words) and time limit (about 20 minutes)


  • Don’t give personal opinions while reporting the process


  • Use present simple tense if there is no time period mentioned


  • Try to use suitable words and phrases for IELTS Writing Task 1 Process to structure and link the process coherently.


5. Vocabulary for IELTS Writing Task 1 Process


  • Cyclical
  • Human-produced
  • Linear
  • Man-made
  • Natural
  • Repetitious
Linking words
  • Firstly / First of all / To begin with/ At the first stage / The first step(stage) in the process is ___
  • Secondly (Thirdly, …) / At (In) the next (second, third, subsequent, …) step / Subsequently / The next (second, third, subsequent, …) step is ___ / The process continues with ___ 
  • After / After that / Afterwards / Then / Next 
  • Before
  • While / During / Simultaneously / At the same time / Meanwhile
  • Finally / The final step is ___ / The process concludes (ends, finishes, …) with ___
  • Create
  • Distribute
  • Make
  • Move
  • Produce
  • Begin
  • Continue
  • End
  • Follow
  • Repeat
  • Start
  • Phrase
  • Stage
  • Step
  • Continues indefinitely
  • Cycle
  • Loop
  • Recur
  • Repetition


Also, if you want to consult the sample template for IELTS Process, visit this: Sample Template For Cycle – Process IELTS Academic Writing Task 1


After this article, hope you can dominate IELTS Writing Task 1 with confidence. If you want to learn more about other aspects of the IELTS exam, please join us on our app  and website IELTS TEST PRO!